Ibrahim AlHusseini is a serial entrepreneur and impact investor. He is dedicated to addressing our growing global waste crisis and is the founder and CEO of FullCycle. He is also the founder and managing partner of FullCycle Energy LP I and II, a series of waste-to-energy funds that have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for clean-tech.

 As an avid diver, AlHusseini witnessed the rapid deterioration of our reefs and oceans first hand and launched FullCycle Inc. to incentivize the world to join him in reversing environmental degradation. FullCycle is building an active network of citizen-investors, from across the socioeconomic spectrum, to expedite the transition to a low carbon economy. After addressing our global garbage crisis, FullCycle will turn its attention to water, energy and agriculture.

In addition to FullCycle, AlHusseini’s family office, The Husseini Group LLC, invests in growth companies that embrace social enhancement and ecological sustainability. His firm has been an early investor in Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), Bloom Energy (NYSE:BE), Aspiration Inc., WePower, Cadence Health, Thrive Market, CleanChoice Energy, and many other renowned companies. To date, AlHusseini has raised half a billion dollars in impact-focused capital.

AlHusseini speaks globally about impact investing and the solution economy. He has been featured in Forbes, Fortune and The Washington Post, and has presented at the United Nations, the Vatican, the Social Good Summit, INSEAD and more. His board memberships include the Rainforest Action Network, the Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Challenge, Synova Power, Aspiration Inc., Biomimicry Institute, Our Generation Speaks, Culture Project, Global Partnership for Women and Girls, and Cornerstone Capital Group.